Tartan Dreams

About time I finally did a new blog post and thought I would make it topical. As tartan is … everywhere at the moment, I thought I would try out a few looks and see how to dress this seasons fav pattern. I’m sure THAT Victoria secret show section has helped the influx of our traditional Scottish pattern into the shops.

Look 1:

Everyone loves a 2 piece and I love the blue of this one! I got it from Missguided via ASOS 😍💙 teamed with a casual T-shirt I think it makes for a great daytime outfit.

Look 2:

I think this Bershka blazer dress is the perfect winter dinner and drinks dress. Very cute and flattering shape pair it with heels for evening or trainers for day time and you’ve got yourself a staple item in the wardrobe.

Look 3:

My fav look here!! Teamed the ASOS design 2 piece with the new H&M moschino collection bralet which I think works unexpectedly well. I just paired it with some converse for the casual look



Fathers Day Gift Ideas Ft MB Pour Homme

Oh god not fathers day again?! I simply cannot buy my dad another tie or pair of socks….

Got ya covered! I thought I’d research some alternatives to the classic boring presents (Even though you always need socks!)

Firstly and most importantly

  1. Michael Buble’s MB Pour Homme


    Being sent a fragrance to review is always a scary one – what if I don’t like it? what if nobody else likes it? I always want to be 100% honest with what I post and review so I was BUZZING when I opened this to find out it smells amazing! Honestly the nicest fragrance I’ve smelt in a while – granted, I don’t frequent the mens section in department stores but still I am so impressed. It can always be a risky one with Celebrity collaborations – but well done to Michael bubles team because this is amazing. My boyfriend, brothers and dad all agree! So we have the mens stamp of approval!

Pictured above is the 120ml which comes in at £55. However, currently as a fathers day offer if you buy here you get a free ‘By invitation’ purse spray as well. Winning! (The 70ml comes in at £39! Pretty affordable for our good old dads)

P.S to try and explain the smell:

  • It has top notes of pink peppercorn, ginger, grapefruit and bergamot
  • Mid notes of neroli, cashmeran and transparent floral
  • Base of sandalwood, musk, Patchouli and Salicylate

Obviously that information was not sourced from the powers of my own nose!

2.  Kabob Grilling Baskets

Now this is a clever idea! This will save lives and save that bit of kebab falling through the grill. Linked are ones I found on amazon but I’m sure there are many more options.Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 19.59.22.png

3. The Chop and ServeScreen Shot 2018-06-10 at 20.07.02

While were on the food prep topic – my friend linked me this super cool prep board company but as they were quite expensive I managed to find this Chop and Serve pictured above on amazon for £18! Also great for the Dad who loves BBQ season.

4. Personalised Cufflinks

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 20.12.21.png

Who doesn’t love personalised things? and who doesn’t love ‘Not On The High Street’ for that matter? These beautiful personalised written cufflinks are perfect for a dad who wants to add that special touch to his work outfit.

Here are a less expensive set of Initial Cufflinks!

5. Experience days

Always a winner, what dad doesn’t love (or claim to love) some parent – child bonding! Virgin Experiences have endless pages of activities to look through from super low budget to ‘splash the cash’ scenarios. (Also if you are a railcard holder you often get some discounts so check that out)

Double Supercar Blast

View From The Shard & Meal

Arsenal Football Club Stadium Tour

Deluxe Collection for Him – Oh I think this one is the winner! It means Dad can pick from a massive range of activities, so he can choose exactly what he wants to do. Bingo.

6. Personalised Alcohol Glass

You can’t go far wrong with alcohol so adding a personalised whiskey glass or wine glass etc will be the icing on the cake!

That was just some inspiration to help you order those last minute presents!

Hope it Helped.

Love LCB x


*this post was created in collaboration with MB Pour Homme*

All pictures used were taken from the websites linked

All MB Pour Homme pictures were taken by me



Life organisation ft Case App


Ever feel like your completely and utterly “burning the candle at both ends” as my parents LOVE to tell me I’m always doing. Well at the moment I definitely am. Life is BUSY. With being in Cannes, then a 2 week placement at a TV production company and now the most uni deadlines I’ve ever had I just feel like I have absolutely no time for anything. This on top of blogging, my social media job, of which I’m potentially taking on a few more, award ceremonies, photography jobs and friends birthdays… oh yeah and planning my masters film…. safe to say theres A LOT going on atm.

I get really stressed when I’m too busy but I can’t say no to things and get so bored when I have a full day off and nothing planned, tough life. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE just chilling out, but as long as its a planned chilled day haha.

I am a mad planner and note maker. So this weekend I have been writing a list of all the things I have to do and crossing them out as I go. Even such trivial things like ‘Go to post office’ is easy to complete but once thats scored off the list you feel like you really getting your life together (but LOL haven’t been yet and tomorrow is a bank holiday dammit). Along with making to-do lists I am rarely without my coloured pens, I take far too much pride in my beautiful revision notes and mind maps (Shame I don’t have to study anymore haha). I’m all about matching so when Case App reached out to me to do a collab and said I could personalise my own cases for my laptop and phone I thought HELL YES – right up my street.


I am also obsessed with phone cases, my little bro always makes jokes when he has seen the same case a few times because I love having new ones. Oh and personalisation is life. I am obsessed with my initials hence Life with LCB hahaha. You can either completely design your own cases or you can select one of the pre-made designs (which you can also add too – like I did for the laptop skin). The laptop skin is like a big sticker that fits perfectly onto the laptop cover – I actually didn’t realise this, I thought it was a hard case so I had a bit of a surprise when I opened the package. Its great though actually, I stuck it on top of the case I already have and it looks so cool – if I do say so myself!

Now I’m one of those cool kids with a personalised discount code so if you want your own funky phone case or laptop skin use LAURENCBARNETT20 at the checkout! (its valid until the 20th of June). Here is a direct link to the website CaseApp.co.uk


This post is in collaboration with CaseApp, but all views and comments my own.

Love LCB x

Outfit heaven or hell? The best & worst MET gala ‘18 looks

“Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” was this years theme and wow FEELING IT. Usually I would do a super long insta story with my fav dresses but thought I would try something a bit different this time. After all it is the MET gala, it deserves some level of dedication and long standing memories.

All pics from daily mail and in no particular order… without further ado (wow I’ve never typed the word ado before 😂 weird)

WORK IT GURL (my best dressed)

1. Kim Kardashian West – I mean I couldn’t start with anyone else could I? All hail Kim K- the definition of flawless

2. Gigi Hadid – YES. Unreal so in love with everything about this look.

3. Winnie Harlow – Just look at that head piece.

4. Katy Perry – understated as usual.

5. Blake Lively – obviously.

6. JLO – absolutely in love; feathers, sequins, theme on point, the legs, she got it all 🙌🏼

7. Arianna Grande – Her MET gala debut and she did not disappoint. Even managed to get her signature bow in there.

8. Katherine Langford – An unexpected one but EH HELLO – she looks amazing! 13 reasons why she should always be at the MET gala (see what I did there 🤙🏼😏)

OH NO HONEY NO (my worst dressed)

1. Shailene Woodley- ? Eh, what? I’m just so confused why you would turn up like this. She’s so beautiful and that ain’t showing. It’s like she’s got mixed up with the 2016 fashion in technology theme. Reminding me of when Zayn turned up in a robot arm.

2. Liza Koshey – surley not? I hate everything about this look. Why are you half naked when it’s a religious theme!!! Hahaha. Such a cheap look.

4. Kylie Jenner- Hard to say any Kardashian is doing wrong but not feeling Kylies look at all, also think it’s stuck in the wrong theme! Just not the most flattering dress she’s ever worn.

5. Michelle Williams – frumpy springs to mind here.

6. Cara Delevingne – hmmmmm, weird one! The face/hat thing is throwing me right off. It’s a no from me.

7. Alexa Chung – aw jeez, dislike this dress a lot. Love the hair and necklace but this whole look isn’t working right together too casual!

8. Kate Moss – another one for the to casual list, she looks like she’s off to dinner with her gals?! CMON.

I could go on for hours but I shall leave that as a short snippet of my best and worst dressed!

Oh PS – LIVING for this couple debut (I mean they haven’t officially said it but I think we’re all praying) Cole & Lili 4 Eva

Happy Tuesday friends,


“Thats so obvious?!” – Body Editing

This topic has come up far too often recently and I’m finding it so hard to get my head around. Why do people alter their bodies in pictures?!

Now I am all for blurring that big crater on the middle of your face or that nightmare sweat patch (about one of the only photoshop tools I can use) but I just don’t understand why people literally alter the way they look? I understand most people in the whole world have insecurities, hell I certainly do… but I think its horrible to feel the need to download an app that changes the shape of your body or face.

I guess it all stems back to the idea of Instagram etc being ‘fake’ but it makes me so angry when I see such an obvious ‘photoshop fails’. Coming into the summer and bikini season I can guarantee we will see more edited bodies and it means often you won’t know whats actually real and whats not. I praise the girls that can go to the gym daily and have an unreal body and quite frankly I think they should post whatever photos they want. Just don’t edit them! Play with the colours and the filters but don’t make your waist 10 times smaller. YA’LL BEAUTIFUL.

I guess my point is take every picture with a pinch of salt. Who cares about others, nobody will ever look the same so just BE YOU. I think everyone should embrace the way they look, find the best angles that work for you and post that unedited pic!

SUMMER LUVIN (load of unedited pics to make the point clear and cute lil dress and earrings I got in primark today!)



Glamour Beauty Festival ’18

BEST DAY EVER – not even being dramatic.

(I made it bold and underlined to make my point, oh and pink)


What a venue, they literally transformed the entire Saatchi gallery into a girls heaven. Make up room, skincare room, hair room, nails room. You name it, they had it.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2bb7As soon as you walked in there was an instagrammable wall with cool writing all over it. The whole atmosphere was amazing, everyone was so friendly. I don’t think any of us have ever had so many comments about our outfits or make up hahaha. As soon as we got in we headed to the prosecco bar – duh. All we had to do was tag a Phillips product on instastories and we got a free glass. That’ll do nicely!

The whole thing heavily revolved or incorporated social media so naturally I was in my element.

We all got our hair done at the ‘freshen up’ bars, Iona and I got ours done by Batiste and Kirstie got hers done Schwarzkopf Got2b colour bar. My hair was already straight so I got some extra curls in it and I swear I’ve never had such good curls. They stayed in amazingly with no hair spray! Kirstie got grey put in her hair and it looked so cool – funky fresh babe.

We then got to do a feel unique ‘Pick n mix’ where you could pick 5 different products – FUN and STRESSFUL hahaha. Also you could literally go and get ready for your night out there if you wanted as there was a stand for every bit of make up – base, contouring, lips, eyebrows, eyeshadow etc. We already had our make up on though so we each opted for a different treatment, I got my eyebrows done by ‘Nude By Nature’ (Didn’t actually rate them too much, I didn’t like the shape but thats just personal preference). Iona had some poppinnnn’ red lips done by NARS and Kirstie got some fierce contour by revlon.

….BUT OMG the best part was the goodie bag. We were like children on Christmas morning opening it all in the evening. I took some pictures below of what was inside it, personal fav is the Guerlain body lotion – smells amazing and sooo large!

I will 100% be going next year and you all should too!


Love LCB x

P.p.s we all instagrammed like mad over the weekend so if you wanna see more hit up my galz. Kirsties Insta  Ionas Insta


Spending Habits

That feeling when you get home from a day of shopping with lots of bags or when the delivery man turns up with your online order is something special but why are we so addicted to new clothes?

My dad literally goes mental when he sees I’ve bought something new, he’s all like “Meh meh what a waste of money, have you seen the amount of clothes you own” (I’ve moved 500 miles away and he still thinks I have too many clothes at home? hahaha) BUT I just don’t see new clothes as a waste of money. They excite me so much and I love trying them on and seeing what they go with.

I was reading an article and it said spending that ties in with someones personality increases a persons happiness the most. So whilst some people might like to spend money on experiences, some may like to spend it on books or eating out. I absolutely love eating out but I don’t enjoy spending money on it, I don’t appreciate super expensive food therefore a Zizzis will satisfy me much more than a Michelin star restaurant would (Cheap date I know). Whereas clothes are what I spend my money on, if I didn’t spend money on the newest Zara range I would have a lot more money in the bank. But so what, whatever makes you happy right?!


Anyway this H&M co-ord definitely made me happy thats for sure

  1. Trousers
  2. Jacket

Love LCB x

Is social media running the world?

100% – after reading the August issue of Glamour Magazine  I’ve been inspired to write this blog post. (Seriously their Article  about working at Instagram HQ – DREAMS)

For people who know me you know how much I love social media & especially Instagram. Some may say I’m obsessed and slag my hashtags 😂😂😂 but it inspires so many aspects of my life.


Years ago you would mostly ‘stalk’ people and businesses on Facebook but now it’s all about Instagram. Private? – get off Instagram. LET ME SEE YOUR PICTURES. If I’m thinking about going to a restaurant, hotel or cocktail bar etc I check out its location tags on Instagram, does the food & atmos look nice and instagrammable (most importantly haha)? Oh and especially salons and hair dressers (not that I get my hair cut more than once a year), but if nobody has tagged their sparkly new nails on Instagram I’m suspicious.

In cosmopolitans August issue an article about social media stated that nearly 100% of UK business use social media for growth. How crazy is that?! Not that I’m biased but I’m 98.9% sure that social media has contributed to the success of The West House (I run the social media pages and I actually live for it – I never want to stop its so fun hahaha). People literally want to come to take pictures of their breakfast to post. The amount of times I’ve seen tweets ‘If you don’t take a picture of your West House breakfast did you even go?’ And I’ve seen multiple people posting pictures of their homemade breakfasts saying ‘West House eat your heart out’.


It’s made me realise just how important social media is to the world we live in. It’s not the be all and end all but for me personally I love creating a picture/outfit/concept to capture and share. I also don’t agree with making all your social media channels private for future employers. Don’t you want them to see that your fun and friendly and creative sides? Obviously for my future career this will be more important than for other careers. Yeah delete any embarrassing pictures wearing skirts up to your ears when you were 18, but embrace the exciting and colourful world we live in & post about it!


Just a few delayed flight thoughts 👌🏼🔆 let me know what you think.

Love from LCB x